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Architectural design




It is the first phase. In this step,   we approach the client to determine the requirements and objectives of the project. It usually begins with rough study drawings that illustrate the basic concepts of the design. It includes the feasibility analysis of a property from the normative part to the cost benefit. Investigation of the urban and historical socio-economic context. Development of the architectural program, requirements and needs in accordance with the philosophy of the clients. Delivery of essential information to ensure the viability of any architectural project. 


Development of 


It includes the information of the Preliminary Project and conceptual progress with documents such as the plans and design specifications that are sufficiently complete to establish and define the size, function, configuration and spaces of the facilities, the operation or use of the equipment and materials for all the main structures and systems of the construction of the architectural project.



It is what is known as Executive Project and consists of the preparation of drawings and specifications that establish the requirements for the construction of the project. The construction documents describe the quality, configuration, size and relationship of all the components that will be incorporated into the project and any document necessary for the correct construction of the elements of the architectural project. 

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