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Building Information Modeling


BIMit is not just a software or the sum of several software, it is a methodology that takes the whole life of a building from the conceptual part, the executive design, the construction and the operation. This process must be essential in any project because it has economic, technical and coordination advantages that allow the competitiveness of any company in the architecture and construction industry.The main idea of Alan Enríquez with the use of BIM is to reduce costs, anticipate errors and always have a single source of truth accompanied by collaboration and coordination in real time with all those involved, including all groups ofinterest without risking the privacy of the information. 

We include this service in our projects in addition to providing consulting to third parties for its application. All under standardsISO-19650 and complying with the Mexican Standard NMX-C-527-1-ONNCCE-2017.


Consulting  BIM in all life cycles

Not only do we carry out our projects through the BIM methodology, but we also provide consultancy to other designers, builders, developers, contractors and maintenance companies for the use of model information at any stage of the property's life._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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We are certified by the American Institute of Architecture, Autodesk® and Graphisoft® to provide the best BIM solutions to our clients. Even Alan Enríquez has given talks in Mexico and Europe about the best BIM practices in the market.


only source of truth

For us there must always be a single source of truth and this is found in the model. Only in this way can we ensure that all documentation such as plans, cuantifications, catalogs, particular specifications, renders, wbs, and/or any other project data is always synchronized with the rest andSo ensuring project quality. 


Information and Analysis with a sustainable approach

We not only use BIM as a documentation tool, we also largely use the models for different analyzes such as lighting evaluation, wind tunnels, traffic and evacuation, and we even convert the BIM model into a BEM (Building Energy Model) for thermal analysis. and energy required for LEED certification® offering these services to other designers. 

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